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2 Basic Things That You Need To Know Before Booking A Sailing Charter

With some travelers looking for alternatives to the large cruise ship experience, the popularity of private yacht and sailing charters continues to boom. What was seemingly an unaffordable luxury for many is now the best bet for travelers who want to spend their entire vacation on the water – literally.  

Then you should definitely consider deep sea fishing via Many people, especially those new to fishing, opt for a charter. Not sure what goes into booking a sailing charter? Here are some of the most important aspects to consider.

Bare Boat or Crew Chartered Boat

Sailboat charters are typically either "bareboat" or crewed. One of the questions you have to ask yourself is, "Are you going on vacation to hoist sails and cook your meals, or do you want others to do the heavy lifting and feed you better than you'll eat at home?

" Experts point out that travelers considering bareboat charters need to be capable yachtsmen and sailors. Also, not all destinations' regulations allow for bareboat charters, so it's important to do your research if that's your most important criteria.

Seasons and Sailing Conditions

The most popular destinations for charters tend to be in tropical locations, which means seasonality is key. If you book a charter in the Caribbean during hurricane season, it's quite possible that you find yourself seeking out alternative lodging on dry land if the seas are too rough. 

Definitely do your research on the best times to go based on your ideal destination. Charters aren't just popular in the Caribbean either – consider destinations like Mexico, or the Greek Islands for some stunning sailing vacations. Wherever you ultimately decide to go, travel insurance for a sailboat charter is a necessity to protect you in case of unforeseen conditions.