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About Orientation Year Program

For all the current graduates and research scholars from beyond the EU countries, if you would like to give your career an update then the Netherlands has something great to give you. You can also take take online orientation via

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Additionally, after the debut of the orientation permit, locating the best-suited livelihood on your own in a foreign nation is becoming a reality.

The Dutch government provides several kinds of visas. Here we will concentrate on the Orientation year tremendously qualified persons dwelling permit, popularly called the orientation (hunt ) year visa.

Netherlands Orientation Year Permit- What's it?

The Netherlands gives great value to highly skilled migrants, hence, the nation provides them with time and chance to locate work or even start their own company in the Netherlands shortly after finishing their research. Anyone with the ideal skill set can employ under the orientation permit.

Who Would Acquire the Orientation Year Permit/Visa?

The orientation permit/visa was originally started for recent graduates. This system permits people to reside and work in the Netherlands with no constraints, around 12 months. But, one wants to fulfill all of the prerequisites to apply for this.

You are able to speak to the ideal immigration advisors to employ to your orientation year residence permit. Their experience in managing different visa procedures can be convenient for folks such as us who are far away from such complicated visa procedures.