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Advice On Buying Boxing Gloves

Choosing Boxing gloves used to be a fairly simple exercise as there were only a few options on the market however this has changed dramatically over the last few years with literally hundreds of styles and manufacturers to choose from. You can find the best rival evolution sparring gloves online.

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The Role of the Boxing Glove

There are two distinct types of Boxing glove, competition and sparring. Neither of these gloves types are really designed for use with bag or pads which you should use bag gloves for although you may get away with using boxing gloves and wraps for either however this will reduce the lifetime of your gloves and potentially damage your hands over time. Competition gloves are smaller usually weighing 10oz.


There are many brands to look at but my first advice is to narrow it to one of a few. Most manufacturers (with one or two exceptions notably Fairtex) are good at producing a certain type of equipment but are not so good at other types. It's good to try and identify this as just because a brand makes good shorts doesn't mean it will make good gloves as they are usually made in a different factory, often a different country!


Better quality gloves will use 100% cowhide leather for all the main areas of the glove. Many cheaper or lower quality MMA gloves use either synthetic materials or a low grade leather or leather/synthetic mix.