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All About The Starseed Signs

What is a Starseed? Starseed's are old soul with deep spiritual knowledge, who has been dormant since arriving from other star constellations or solar systems. They have had multiple incarnations in different star systems, incarnating on Earth at different times.

starseed symbols: Like anything else on the internet, you'll find many signs that you are a Starseed when you look through. What does it mean to me? Some of it is a little too far-fetched for you to grasp. You can keep what you like and throw out what doesn't. Since there is no guide for this stuff, if we are being honest.

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You are a wisdom seeker. You are always searching for answers to deep questions such as "What's the purpose of life?" "Why are you here?" These are the questions that keep your eyes open and make you feel like your mind is always open to 900 tabs.

It's hard to feel at home here. But you can find glimpses of belonging in the company of like-minded people who feel the same.

Sometimes, it is possible to become agoraphobic. This can happen when you are too tired of the world and overwhelmed by the negativity and energy that surrounds you. It will be necessary to accept society as it is, but you can do so on your own terms. You'll eventually find your community.