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All About Types of Handbags In NZ

There are several kinds of handbags available on the market these days. You have a plethora of options in terms of styles, shapes, colors, and fabrics. However, most bags can be categorized into the following groups.

Shoulder Bag: While they are available in different sizes and shapes, they are generally large. Small leather shoulder bag can hold a lot of items, from keys to cosmetics to notepads.

They usually come with at least two compartments but can often have more. They are the most widely used type of handbags.

Clutch: These handbags do not have handles. Instead, they are meant to be carried in the hand or under the arm. Clutches are generally small. As such, they can hold only a few items such as keys, some money, and a few cards.

Handheld Bags: These handbags are meant to be carried around by means of a small handle. Their size falls between a clutch and a shoulder bag.

Tote Bag: Generally made with canvas, tote bags are larger and are typically open at the top. They are often used for shopping. Due to their large size, you can carry a lot of items in them.

Now that you know about the various facts related to handbags, you can go ahead and buy one. However, if you are looking for a bag then always try to find one on a reputable website.