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Are Your Supplements Certified?

If you've been trying to shed a few pounds , or improve your fitness or training for a marathon, It is likely that you've been exposed to nutritional supplements of some sort. This could come in the shape of Vitamins and Meal Replacement Powders, or some form of Creatine.

There was no authority which regulated its quality, or even the amount of product in the bottle or the dosage, or even the manufacturing procedure.

There is a new company known as NSF International The Public Safety Company. They aren't part of the government , thank God, but they offer certification for products which would then be referred to as supplements. Contact them at 1-800-NSF-Mark. You can also buy nsf certified supplements for sport via online.

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The following information is derived directly from the booklet I got from NSF.

Who Is NSF International?

They are a non-profit, independent, not-for-profit corporation that protects individuals by certifying products and establishing guidelines for supplements to diet and food items, as well as air, water and other consumer products.

What Is The Certified For Sports Program?

This program was created to limit the possibility that a nutritional supplement could contain banned substances if taken in what is considered to be a recommended amount. The program ensures that the participants and their products meet the strict NSF certification guidelines , which includes:

  • Tests on products for banned substances, as well as confirmation of label content

  • Formulation and review of labels

  • Inspections of suppliers and production facilities

  • Monitoring ongoing

How Can I Tell Whether A Product Can Be Said To Be NSF Certified?

Make sure to check the label. NSF Certified products bear an NSF Certified for Sports Mark on the label.