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Basic Services Commercial Cleaning Companies Offer In Long Island

Commercial cleaning companies have a number of services they can offer. Your service can be a daily, weekly, or one-time service. Some of the services that a commercial cleaning machine can provide are cleaning, day labor, disaster recovery, and specialty cleaning.

Basic or regular commercial construction cleaning assistance is a service that many cleaning service companies provide on a scheduled basis. The main services that a commercial cleaning machine can provide include dusting and disinfection, vacuuming and cleaning, toilet maintenance, and garbage disposal.

Specialized maintenance services are another type of service provided by commercial cleaning machines. This particular type of support can be different for each customer because each customer has a specific business niche or industry in which they operate.

Special services that can be offered include carpet cleaning, parquet treatment, interior and exterior window treatments, upholstery and furniture maintenance, pre-cleaning, pre- and post-event cleaning, yard work and property management.

Another type of service that a commercial cleaning company can provide is pre-cleaning. This service serves as an initial cleaning before the start of the basic cleaning. 

Initial cleaning services can be used by businesses after offices or facilities through construction or renovation projects. This type of service can also be used on a smaller scale, for example when a company has redesigned an office or just moved office furniture and needs office cleaning.