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Borderline Personality Disorder – A Closer Look

About one to three percent of the American adult population is currently diagnosed with this condition. Borderline personality disorder denotes a disruption in normal personality function that is manifested through character and mood instability. People with this disorder often have a distorted self-image and an undefined identity. Usually, they engage in unstable and chaotic interpersonal relationships and exhibit potentially damaging behaviors.

By definition, some may find familiarization with the experience related to BPD . But this should not raise alarm. For one, you may not have the condition at all. It might just be that your unfortunate life mirrors the experiences of a person with the disorder. Nevertheless, BPD is not something to be fearful of. Borderline personality disorder is curable with a series of psychotherapy and prescribed medications. You can also hire expert borderline personality disorder specialists via

The onset of borderline personality disorder symptoms typically occur during the period of adolescence. This is when volatile and disorderly conduct becomes predominant. It may continue on for many years but it naturally subsides over time. To ensure accuracy, the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorder is often delayed until the period of maturity.

Doctors find it necessary to discount the influence of personality development on behavior problems before jumping to any conclusion. Early diagnosis of BPD is only possible provided the patient is in dire need of help and the symptoms are present and persistent over a period of one year.