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Everything You Should Know About Cat Scratching Posts

Every pet owner faces some problems with their pets, but the problem of cat scratches is the most common among all. As the number of complaints regarding the furniture being scratched and clawed by the cats is increasing, cat scratching post has become a popular option to solve the problem. 

This will not only help you save money for buying expensive furniture and fixtures but will also satisfy their urge of felines to scratch. You can easily buy cat accessories and other products online from websites like Mysterious Catz.

Cats use their claws to scratch to mark their territory, making them stronger and some time to relax. For this, you need to buy a scratching post that will help prevent your furniture from becoming the victim to its claws. Buying a cat scratching post is not enough unless you place it at the right spot so that it’s easily accessible to them. 

There are various types of scratching posts available in different shapes and sizes, from simple cardboard pads and ramps to posts and lounges. These cat scratchers also come along with catnip that offers a smoother surface. 

If your cats like to stretch and claw the door sides or door frames, then wall-mounted cat scratchers are one of the best choices. You can also go for a multifunctional cat scratcher ramp or cat scratching post with additional cubbies or teasers that will encourage them to play.