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How Industrial Lithium Batteries Enable Warehouses To Boost Storage Space

Li-ion batteries are particularly well suited to help warehouses adapt to these dual trends of reducing facility footprints while increasing reliance on specialized material handling equipment.

For one, using Li-ion batteries eliminates the need for costly battery storage areas. This allows companies to repurpose their existing industrial battery warehouse space to accommodate more storage areas or eliminate future construction costs altogether. To know more about lithium batteries you can check over here.

The root reason for this is that Li-ion batteries provide greater run times and faster-charging cycles than lead-acid industrial forklift batteries. Consequently, they do not have to be changed multiple times per shift, eliminating both the need for spare batteries and the space to store them.

In addition to the space-saving advantage, Li-ion batteries also have the ability to work across a wide swath of specialized material handling equipment, like the aforementioned tall-mast reach trucks and articulating forklifts.

The warehousing industry has experienced an upheaval in recent years. Emerging trends have placed unprecedented pressure on existing structures and solutions, forcing a change in the function and configuration of the modern warehouse.

Much of this change has been enabled by emerging technologies, especially next-generation power systems like Li-ion batteries. For companies who need to keep up with the pace of modern commerce, adopting Li-ion technology solutions can be a major step forward.