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How to dispose of flammable liquids

Storing Flammable Liquid Waste

Know more about our insurance policy coverage for builders and skilled trades. It is ideal to store contaminated or used flammable liquids the exact same way fresh liquids are saved; at a clearly-marked container that is made from the exact same substance as the one, it arrived in. If you are managing a lot of flammable liquid, then your recycler should have the ability to present mass waste containers. You can check the best services of flammable liquid disposal at

Do not mix unique kinds of toxic or flammable liquids together in precisely the exact same container unless the recycler provides you the go-ahead. This makes cleaning the materials simpler and in some instances can prevent harmful chemical reactions.

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Proper Labeling Is Vital

Flammable or hazardous fluids in the office are covered by WHMIS — the workplace hazardous materials information system. Their needs include correctly labeling all substance coming to your office from providers and some other smaller containers that your workers may use at work.

The product's title

  • A very clear sign that it is being recycled
  • Safe handling warnings or procedures
  • A reference to the MSDS, or material safety data sheet. (Most office materials labels are available on the internet and downloaded.)
  • Remember that a number of recyclers provide container solutions and normal pickup, based upon which and how much has been accumulated.

Managing waste efficiently

Following these guidelines will help remove fire dangers and worker injury. You may even take it one step farther by finding more effective ways to handle hazardous waste such as reducing the usage of sterile liquids and utilizing sterile products wherever possible.