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Introduction to Hindu Astrology

Astrology is based on the fundamental premise that all of us are one with each other and the cosmos. We can understand our inner universe by studying its functions.

The main components of Hindu astrology include the Nine Planets, (Navagrahas) the twelve Signs, (Rasis), as well as the twelve Houses (Bhavas), The Horoscope is a representation of the positions of the planets within the signs and houses. To understand Hindu astrology, you can also learn Hindu study online.

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Moon (Chandra):

It is important to note that the Moon occupies the position of a planet according to Hindu astrology. Our lives are shaped by our minds. Our reality is created by our mind. The representation of the human mind is the moon in Hindu Astrology.

Sign (Rasi), Birth Star (Nakshatra):

The twelve constellations, or zodiac signs known as the Rasis, are further divided into 27 (27) parts, also known as the Birthstars (Nakshatras), or Lunar mansions. A person's Birthstar (Nakshatras), is the star in their horoscope that contains the Moon. The Moon's sign in one's chart is also known as the zodiac sign (Rasi).

Bhavas: Houses

The Houses are all representative of the entire life experience. The twelve sections of the Houses represent the twelve areas of our lives. Each house belongs to one of four quality of life. These are: Purpose (Dharma), Material Acquisition (Artha), Desire(Kama) or Spiritual Liberation (Moksha).

Each component is an archetypal energy with a unique meaning. Each of these energies' dynamism (e.g. Astrology is a vehicle that can guide one's life. It uses the dynamism of each of these energies.

You can also learn how to interpret the chart and gain insight into your own life. offers a free online astrology chart.