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Knives – How To Properly Care For Them

Knives are essential tools in every kitchen or for any outdoor activity. They are practical tools that have many uses. Knives have also evolved over the years. The knife options on the market today can range from army knives, fillet knives to rocking knives. But like all the other tools we use, they also require proper care and storage in order to last longer.

The newest knife models on the market now survive unsharpened, but most knives require at least a sharpening every month or two. Getting a professional to do this is definitely the safer option, but there's nothing wrong with cases where you can't wait to sharpen a professional knife. The best thing for do-it-yourself knife sharpening is buying a knife sharpener via

How to keep your kitchen knives razor sharp - CNET

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If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to find a good-quality sharpening stone. When sharpening a knife, it is important to hold the knife at an angle of 20 degrees while the tip of the blade is placed against the sharpener. Start carefully to control the blade and move it in an arc along the rock. When you're done with one side, repeat the process on the other side. 

You have only one very important piece of advice to remember when sharpening your own knife and that is to always follow one direction or movement; This is a big no-go back and forth. The milling motion should be repeated at least 10 to 20 times for each side. After using a whetstone, you should always insert the blade into the sharpening steel. The main purpose of sharpening steel is to remove any jagged metal pieces that remain from the stone.