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Natural Tattoo Removal Options

We can now look back on all the technological, medical and social advancements of the past 10 years as we enter the second decade. People who have tattoo regrets can look back at medical science and their ingenuity to see how they are able to reduce the cost of tattoo removal.

Although tattoos have been around since the time man discovered how to use fire to improve his human condition, it wasn't until the 20th century that modern methods of tattoo removal service were able to achieve great results without leaving scar tissue. 

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Before the 20th century, tattoo removal was a painful process. In the 1990s, tattoos were fashionable and more effort was spent refining and improving existing methods.

With the rise in popularity of tattoos came an increase in tattoo regret. The tattoo removal industry grew in size due to the increased pressure to find a cost-effective, affordable way to remove tattoos.

This led to an increase of research and development to find the best product. The majority of products were home-based tattoo removal. TCA was one of the most popular products. However, TCA did not receive much fanfare and some other tattoo removal agents promised the moon but delivered very little.