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Patch Large Holes In Clothes

If you would like to understand how to patch big holes in clothing, you need to use a cloth patch.  The cloth patch, together with proper sewing patterns are going to have your clothes adjusted very quickly.

If you are able to locate a bit of the garment which you're fixing, utilize it as the spot.  Cut a rectangle shape in the pit, along with the patch. You can even customize A patch for every occasion  to look cool.

Make the patch one inch big compared to the hole on either side. The best way to hand-sew a sizable holiday your laundry right side up.  

Set the patch in the middle of this hole and use hooks to keep it set up.   Just take the borders of the pit and then fold beneath.  

Employ a slip-stitch stitching pattern into the patch. The best way to system sew a sizable hole massive holes are the best remedies using a system.  

Put the machine into a brief stitch length and a vast stitch width. Pin the spot to the ideal side of this pit. Stitch along the border of this patch, together with the part of clothes face-up.  

It's possible to use readymade iron patches if you would like to repair the patch up quickly.  These may be quite handy when you have kids who like to play tough!  

In case your patch is a different color than the garment, then make the fuse on the exterior.  This provides a decorative appearance.  If you'd like a uniform appearance, fuse it into the interior.