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Camping Equipment: Guidelines For Buying Army Surplus Tents

Tents are essential camping equipment. Your camping trip can not be possible without good tents. Tents should not only be durable but also lightweight that can be easily set up. In this guide, you will learn some tips for buying army surplus tents for camping, so continue reading. You can purchase army tents via


What is the length and width of the surplus tent? As the general rule said, you need to gauge the demand for more room than you actually need. How high should the tent be? The concept is to ensure you are ready to stand upright inside the tent.

But you can only do this with larger tents, such as army surplus tents you can find along with other camp equipment at an army surplus auction. If you're planning to get a small, simple camping action, you can opt for the little tent. Otherwise, when you sleep inside the tent, you will not cling to the origin of relaxation.

Is your tent too thick? Be sure that the tent is almost simple to bring as it collapses. Also, be sure that the tent isn't readily removed by air. Tents that are unexpectedly destroyed by powerful winds can certainly fall on you and your camp equipment.

For common sizes, you may add tents beneath"small","medium", and"large". The principle is simple: get smaller chairs for smaller classes, larger tents for larger ones, and moderate for all in between. Remember that fewer campers, less quantity of people help carry camping gear. But if you are going on a major camping action, or if you are carrying out a car with you, then you will have tons of hands to help with transportation.

Tents are probably the most important of all camping equipment, so don't worry about getting one for a camping trip till you are absolutely sure what you require.

Most modern tents really have 2 layers of cloth. The outer coating is waterproof and is called flysheet or rain fly. This coating is suspended over and away from the inner layer of the tent: such a set enables warmth to assemble inside the flysheet without danger to the inner tent. The inner tent is usually not watertight, since the use of a flysheet obviates that condition.