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Things to Consider in the Selection of a Spray Gun

A Spray gun is a basic tool to give furniture a finishing touch, and there are many sprays on the market. Before you buy the type of sprayer that suits your needs, there are several methods that you should consider before buying these items.

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You have to decide for yourself how much spray you plan to. Most factories use spray systems which are very expensive, but also efficient and fast. You can choose a cheaper spray system, e.g. HVLP turbines (high volume, low pressure) or low volume high pressure compressors.

Also consider the various tools that are already available in the store. If you have a compressor or other equipment that requires a functioning compressor, you should buy a high-volume compressor and a low-pressure spray.

Make sure the compressor can produce enough pounds / square inches of air (PSI) to power high and low volume spray guns. You should check the rifle to find out the air weight / square inch requirements.

You should buy a high-volume, high-pressure machine if you don't have or don't like a compressor. Choose a 3 to 5 speed motor with the 6 psi option if you want to spray normal coatings. Select the desired type of bowl for the spray gun. Below is a basic procedure for choosing a spray gun for automatic painting.

Determine your goals. If you have a plan for a car, your order decision is important if you have plans to paint a lot of cars. Choose a high pressure low pressure gun that can be used to paint a car. HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) is a new coating for automotive paint.