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Maintaining General Plants In Your Balcony

Either you are having seasonal plants or evergreen species, your plants demand your attention and care. Your balcony garden seems lovely and lively until you take proper care of it. Once you show any careless attitude, your balcony becomes shabby, with a floor of dead leaves and wilted plants.

Flowering plants usually withered with time and require regular trimming. You can also consider balcony plant hire via to do the job. Deadheads, dead leaves, and broken or diseased stems should be removed to encourage fresh growth.

This will not only keep the plant healthy but also make it look adorable and lively with a fresh appearance. It is really not a bad idea to have a thorough cleaning of your balcony once in a year to give your balcony garden a new fresh look. 

It is the magnificence of a container garden that you can replace the off seasoned plant with new plants quite comfortably. You can add plants of your interest in every season. 

As the plants grow, the more prominent of them outgrow their containers and need immediate potting onto a larger container with fresh compost. The best time of repotting a plant is right before the beginning of the new growing season – the time when plants are in the resting phase. 

Sometimes, you don't have room for large containers. In that case, you can simply reduce the size of the root ball to limit its growth. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the dead roots of about 5 cm (2 inches) and report it in the same container with fresh compost exactly as you pot a new plant.