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Choose from RGB Led Lights, or Even Multi Color LED Lights

Light fixtures are one way to change the mood of your home, and there are many options for colors and effects. Changing colors can be a fun way to add excitement or calm to your space. Here are five ways to add color to your home with light: 

1. Add a light fixture with color changing lights . These lights offer the freedom of colorful light that can fit in with your mood. There are many options available, so you can find one that fits your style and fits into your home’s decor. 

2. Add a chandelier or pendant light with changing lights. These fixtures can be set to different colors or effects, making them perfect for adding bright and festive colors to your space. You can also choose models that have built-in dimmers or timers so you can control the intensity of the light.

3. Choose a traditional light bulb that offers color changing features. These bulbs come in a variety of colors and can be used in any light fixture. You just have to screw the bulb into the fixture and flip the switch to change the color. 

Add some multicolored LED strips to your ceiling. These strips come in different colors, so you can customize the look of your ceiling according to your own personal preferences.