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Things To Do At The Bowling Alley

bingo Bowl

Maintaining a score of fun! Mark the outside Bingo sheet that has a case filled with the possible outcomes of different bowling (eg assault, gutters, backup, etc.) and the numbers from 1-10.

As each player bowls, all can mark their bingo cards with the results. Remember to prepare gifts for bowlers who scored bingo benefits. To know about bowling you can visit

Wacky Bowling

Get every player to pull the whole lot before it is their turn to determine the attitude of bowling. Somehow ridiculous bowling includes:

Bowling retreat (playback your pin and roll the ball under your feet)

Slow-motion bowl

Dancing bowl (dancing as you bowl)

grandmother bowl (the bowl with the back bent like a nanny)

Tiptoe bowl (size tiptoe to the bowl)

Bowling Relay Race

The fastest team wins! Using two lines with each other and divide all players into two classes. The first player on the team will start in order with each player rolling the ball down the road.

When the ball back, the other players will take it and roll on the road. This game is not about how authentic the throw is how many bars struck down, but the staff could have a player who throws the ball down the hall.

Tag Team Bowling

Time to join! Dividing all the contestants into two groups. The top of each couple takes a spin on the first bowl contestants will bowl first, and another one will choose the spare (if any).

To turn on the use of alternative roads and have at least two groups facing each other at the same time.