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Maintaining the Pumps in Your Home!

It is very likely that your home has one or more pumps. A pump is an electrical/mechanical device that moves a liquid, usually water, from another place. The most common pumps in homes are: Circulation pumps in heating systems Condensate pumps for heating and cooling systems Pumps for "drainage" pumps in your basement or hallway.

These devices can operate quietly and correctly, often for extended periods of time which are old. Pump equipment failure can cause anything from inconvenience to accidents. We can minimize the problems that a faulty pump can cause by taking care of it. You can contact us to buy the best quality komatsu pump parts.

If you enjoy the convenience of hot water, whether through underfloor heating, base heating, convectors or classic radiators, you have one or more circulating heat pumps. 

The job of this pump is to move the heated water from your kettle to your radiant heater where the water makes way for its BTU and then back to the kettle for reheating and another trip through your home. With a hot water heater, the heat capacity is equal to the flow rate. When your pump stops running, the flow stops, and so does the heat.

Most modern pumps are lubricated with water and do not require the attention of the homeowner. Some older pumps, usually red, have 3 small oil holes. Add oil to these three ports every year. 

Use a light motor oil available at any hardware store, but add in moderation. Excessive lubrication can cause damage to the pump rubber seal and most likely oily dirt on the basement floor.