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Don’t Neglect Chimney Inspections!

Chimneys are very important for the construction of structures, especially in the winter months. They prevent the harmful gases generated by the fireplace from entering the house and keep the indoor air clean and breathable.

Although chimneys are completely separate structures from the roof, it is important not to neglect their routine inspections and maintenance as chimneys can easily become a source of harmful carbon monoxide pollution. You can also hire chimney doctors in Milwaukee via to get your chimney inspected.

There are many reasons to inspect a chimney. The upper end of the structure is mainly exposed to various external elements and the other end is constantly exposed to extreme heat, making the entire structure more susceptible to damage.

The most common type of damage is cracks with many different causative factors. Thermal fatigue is one of the most common phenomena. The difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures can cause the structure to crack and create leak paths.

When To Check

Most chimneys are made of masonry and sometimes cement. Some are made of prefabricated steel. Regardless of the material used, it is important to carry out the following inspections:

1) Annually – Annual inspections should be carried out several months prior to the start of winter so that repairs can be made with sufficient time remaining before the actual start of winter. Dirt can build up in the months when the chimney is not used.

2) Seismic Activity – After an earthquake, it is important to check for cracks in the chimney. The grade of the steel also needs to be checked as it can also be damaged.

3) Strong Storm – Strong winds and hail can damage masonry and create gaps. After each storm, check the outside of the chimney for any new damage.