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Ghassoul Clay: The Best Natural Spa Clay Out There?

In addition to its fact, it was used for body care for women and men for a long time The Ghassoul was also renowned for its regenerative healing and conservative qualities as documented from Egyptian papyrus.

The Greeks and the Romans have made use of it for curing various ailments and diseases as well as to purify their complexions and keep them glowing. If you are looking for a Clay mask for your hair, you may visit

Many European and Oriental experts have discussed the remarkable benefits of Ghassoul in medical indications. It is a popular product in Northern Africa, Ghassoul has been used for centuries as a long-standing essential treatment for hair and body and natural beauty product.

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It was out of the question, to make use of it in its raw form in Morocco so the ancient tradition of keeping the completely secret cooking at home is meticulously preserved throughout the generations and handed down from mother to daughter.

Even though there are many different (provincial) concoction techniques, the process alone is not a straightforward "overnight " solution. The ritual consists mainly of the maceration of the natural, gross Ghassoul stones, working with the water-based "marinade" that contains a myriad of natural herbs, spices such as the orange blossom, chamomile Myrtus, and lavender (Myrtus communis) along with other ingredients to extract the most from the minerals it consists of. The resulting slurry is usually cleaned to get rid of almost all contaminants and debris, and then poured over and kneaded with a hand.

Then afterward, the Ghassoul is then dried under the sun for approximately an entire week, before being stimulated by the same marinade mentioned above, approximately every hour.