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CCTV Surveillance and Security

An obvious claim, but what does CCTV mean? However, what most people understand about CCTV is much broader than what CCTV suggests. Early CCTV systems were as expected – a type of camera attached to a television screen or monitor.

How things change! Commercial CCTV systems have advanced over the years, but we now have the ability to install and use state-of-the-art CCTV systems in our homes and offices, greatly reducing costs and improving facilities.

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It's still possible, and sometimes just a requirement, to connect the camera to another monitor – a phone system for easy access. No logs – you just want to know who's at your door, so have cameras and monitors ready.

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Today, however, most systems can be connected via a computer system to provide many additional conveniences to an inexpensive system.

Some of the conveniences offered with the help of a computer system are:

– The camera can be connected to a computer network with an inexpensive "cat-5" cable or can use wireless technology.

– If you have chosen to assign an "IP address" to each camera on your network, you may be able to access "what the camera sees" from any computer with network access. This means you can (should) get your camera or camera in your house from work or friends, etc.

– With the recent advent of large and inexpensive disks (250MB to 1TB disks are now available, eliminating the need for complex disk arrays or cassette filing), you can now record hours of pictures at a relatively low cost.