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How To Take Care Of Custom Dress Shirt

Finding good quality and right fitting dress shirts is not an easy task. Comfortable and perfect fit dress shirts can be designed by a professional tailor. All you need to select the right tailor. He will not just design your dress shirt but can also help you to choose the right fabric or accessories for your dress shirt.

Other than this, to maintain a custom dress shirt for years required more care.  It really matters how you take care of your outfit. Expensive clothes always demand good care. You can purchase the best quality custom dress shirt, via



For washing your custom dress shirt, always use good quality liquid detergent. Washing makes the material softer and more comfortable to wear.

It is best to wash the dress shirt whenever required. If for any reason you are unable to clean your dress shirt by hand, use lukewarm water from the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Prevent dry cleaning for dress shirts, particularly white ones.  Compounds used in the cleaning process can destroy the fabric in the shirt or even cause it to turn yellow. 

When washing a dress shirt, be sure to divide the colored shirt into the tee-shirt. If possible, separate your colored shirt into a brightly colored shirt and a dark-colored shirt. This will stop the color bleeding, which can permanently stain the pale color and notably the white shirt.


It's very important to maintain your custom-fitted tailored dress shirt wrinkle-free. Ironing really helps to make a custom dress shirt in the right shape and color. 

When ironing the shirt, make certain that it's slightly damp. As a result, the harm to the garments will be averted. Employing a steam iron will achieve an identical outcome.

Start your ironing with the underside of the collar. You want to begin with the collar's pointed methods and move into the rear of the neck region. Later flip over your shirt and do the exact same for the front of the collar.