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How To Make A Healthy Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie boards (also known as serving or cheese boards) are constructed from face grain wood, which makes them more fragile and susceptible to marks from knives. Cheese knives that are dull work well for charcuterie boards. But beware of sharp knives.

From the traditional platter of cheese and meats to innovative, exciting twists such as "charcuterie" and sticks of charcuterie You're likely to come across a variation of a charcuterie table at any event that you attend and with the right reason. You can also buy charcuterie boards made with quality craftsmanship.

Charcuterie boards aren't just an easy snack to put together however, they can be prepared in advance. Additionally, they offer an array of choices and everyone is sure to discover something that they like to nibble on. The face grain is usually the largest side of lumber. It is the place where you can see the most distinctive wood characteristics and grain patterns. 

However, when you cut along the grain's surface it is cutting on the fibers of the grain, leaving marks on the wood. This is the reason the face grain wood is utilized predominantly for serving boards and tabletops. If you're in search of cutting boards that double to prepare food go with a traditional cutting board. It'll be your most trusted companion when cutting vegetables. 

It is also possible to flip it upside down and use the reverse side as a serving plate. We don't put the feet of our boards for cutting so you'll always get 2 boards.