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Digital Door Locks – The Next Generation Of Home Security

Digital door locks offer added security for your home, which previously was only reserved for offices and airports with a high level of security. This type of lock is used in more and more homes across the country. Now you too can use this technology.

There are several types of digital locks to choose from, but each of these keys offers better protection than traditional locks because crooks can't pick one. You can also look for the best digital door locks online.

Additionally, digital door locks are sometimes equipped with an alarm that sounds when your door is forced open, adding another layer of protection. Disconnecting from home or changing locks is a thing of the past if you've installed digital door locks.

Digital Key Available

Some people prefer the traditional lock method to unlock doors. This device accepts digital PIN entry and the use of a key for those who require both options.

Not all household members like it the same way. These locks allow you to use traditional or digital methods individually, or several can be configured to require both input methods before the door is opened.

Keypad Locks

The keypad lock is also a very secure option. Many of them also include additional built-in voice alarms that activate on forced entry. You use a PIN or code to deactivate the alarm and unlock the door.

Pin numbers can usually be customized from 2 to 7 number combinations and programmed to use different combinations for individuals.