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What Makes Swine Flu So Dangerous?

What makes swine influenza dangerous is that just like most influenza viruses it undergoes the process of antigenic drift.  When spot mutations occur on the hereditary material which causes modifications in the physiological make-up of the virus.

These small changes are what frustrate scientist's attempts to create the vaccination for flu. As a result of constant adjustments to the enzymes of the outer coats of viruses (which the immune system is targeted for during vaccination) brand, new vaccines are always required to combat ever new variants of these viruses.

If you have symptoms of the influenza virus then you should protect yourself with a face mask. To know about the best face mask for flu protection you can visit online sources.

flu mask

Swine influenza is a good illustration of this kind of change. However, what exactly are these changes, and what regions of herpes cause the damage that destroys normal cells that are wholesome?

The H1N1 designation of the swine influenza virus gives us a clue into the inner workings of the virus. It represents the functional proteins on its surface.

The 'H' means hemagglutinin which is a protein that binds the bronchial flu virus to the cell and injects its material. The 'N' stands for neuraminidase that possesses a number of technical enzymes that cause the infected cells to release the viruses that are newly formed.

All these elements of influenza make it very dangerous. Before the winter occurs, Although the shape that's currently dispersing is mild it may still turn right to a strain from the next month or two.

The fact that it is also an illness means there isn't any current vaccine to the virus. If it becomes deadly, we'll have no protection against it except for those given by generic antibacterial drugs.