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Why Your Business Needs a Dispute Resolution Procedure

New employment regulations come into force in the UK in October 2004 in the form of 2002 employment laws. This article explains the impact of this new rule in your business. It also checks how, as an employer, you can change new employment laws for your business profits.

To understand how to use new employment regulations for your benefit, we first need to see how new laws are different from the old employment law. You can know about the dispute resolution procedure from

In the past, an employee might be dismissed without the charm and the first sign of the problem for the employer would not come until the employee submitted a claim for unfair dismissal.

Or an employee may be unhappy and decided to resign. Some time afterwards, you as an employer suddenly can find employees who demand claims for constructive dismissal.

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For employers, the written procedure provides a good defence but the employment court still makes their own decisions and retains business you can spend a lot of time and money.

With all this in mind, the government decided to do something to reduce the number of employment court claims. By doing that, they finally introduced thirteen new ways that an employee could claim against employers in the employment court!

All new ways claim in the employment court are based on documentation. For example, the court will see whether certain letters are written and why, or they will request evidence whether a meeting is held at the time and a reasonable place.