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What to Bring to A Dog Boarding Facility for Your Pet in Chapel Hill

Boarding a dog is a great way to make sure it is well taken care of when the owner is not around. Although this does cost money, it ensures the dog has everything it needs and won't be left alone for days at a time.

The dog will get to play, run, walk, eat, sleep, drink and enjoy their days without being lonely and sad. Owners also won't have to worry about their furniture being torn up by a dog that is bored and needs something to do.

What should you bring to the boarding facility?

Before you bring your dog to the dog daycare center in Chapel hill NC, you need to make sure he or she is prepared. The first thing you should do is call around and get quotes from different companies.

Ask them any questions you have and make sure they have an opening for the dates you will be gone. Not all facilities are the same; some have different requirements and restrictions.

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Food is normally something you will need to bring in for your pet. If you don't bring this in, the facility will charge for food and it will probably be expensive. Bring more than enough just to make sure your pet has what they need to stay satiated. Bring dry food and also wet if they eat that on occasion. Also include special feeding instructions or information about how/when they eat.

If your dog takes medication with their food, make sure to bring that as well. This should include instructions for when it needs to be taken and how. The boarding facility should know exactly what to do with your pet by the time you leave. Be detailed with your instructions so they won't have any questions about what to do.