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How to Prepare Your Garden for the Spring Season?

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Winters go harsh on plants and gardens. And when spring arrives, trees start unfurling with the inviting warmth from the sun falling on the ground. While this season lets you step out of your home and enjoy the outdoors, you can prepare your garden for a better experience and enjoyment.

These jobs will help you create a beautiful garden for the spring season.

  • Tidy Up the Space: During the autumn and winter seasons, trees have shed leaves. In addition to this, other debris may also have been collected in the garden, on flower beds, and in the pond. With spring, the time of falling leaves and debris is over and you can start tidying up the space to get back the beauty.
  • Clean the Greenhouse: Where will you store cuttings and seedlings for nurturing and raising them? It’s the greenhouse. Since you will be doing this job during the springtime, cleaning the greenhouse to make a tidy space for trays is a good idea.
  • Mend Gates and Fences: Besides the garden, winter can be harsh on outdoor carpentry as well. So, you should check for defects and damages when the spring season begins and invest in mending those.
  • Sow Some Seeds: While the ground will still be cold at the start of the spring season, you can start sowing some seeds that need longer growing times. Slow-growing plants like begonias and geraniums are good options that will bloom to full by the time it’s the summer season.

During this time, you can plan a makeover to your garden with proper landscaping, for which professional Brisbane earthmoving contractors can help.