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Why Do You Need Exhaust System Repair?

When most people hear the words “exhaust system,” they think of the muffler and tailpipe. There is a lot more to the exhaust system than you may realize. These two parts are actually components in an important engine system designed to protect you and your passengers from exposure to harmful exhaust gases. 

For your engine to run properly and efficiently, the proper amount of air and fuel need to be ignited at the right time causing mini explosions. Each time the air/fuel mixture explodes noxious gases is created that has to pass out of the engine and to the environment through the exhaust system. You can also shop for VE-VF exhaust to boost your vehicle’s performance.

What parts make up the exhaust system?

The exhaust system has five main parts. They are:

  1. Exhaust Manifold – The exhaust manifold is connected to the cylinder head. It collects the gases created during combustion and delivers them to the exhaust pipe.

  2. Oxygen Sensor – The oxygen sensor is continually measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The data it collects is sent to the onboard computer which adjusts the ratio of fuel to air.

  3. Exhaust Pipes – They begin at the exhaust manifold and send gases through the system where they exit at the tailpipe.

  4. Catalytic Converter – Just like its name implies, this part “converts” the harmful gases into water vapor and less harmful gases. Since it contains precious metals, it is also expensive to replace.

  5. Muffler – This part dampens the sound of the explosions that are going on in the engine so you have a quiet ride.