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The Health Benefits Of Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas are more popular now than they were in the past.

The tea that the majority of us use utilizes leaves of the tea tree, Camellia Sinensis, and comes in small bags to steep in warm water. This tea, nevertheless, contains a whole lot of caffeine. Caffeine keeps you awake during the night and might not be the ideal option for a day relaxer.

There are many more kinds of tea currently available you don't need to restrict your choice. The teas are all herbal. Herbal teas originated in ancient times. A number of the teas are for various health issues. For example, a white willow bark tea was turned into the aspirin pain reliever most of us know now.

Some of the favorite herbal teas are simple to get. The teas have distinctive and delicious flavors which make them popular and you can choose from different types of herbal teas to drink.

1. Fennel tea – The Romans used it to maintain good health. Ladies of early Rome took it to drop weight. Still, many Indian restaurants offer you a fennel seed after dinner to help in digestion. Fennel tea is also used to get relief from menstrual cramps, gas, nausea, and heartburn. You can buy fennel tea online at

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2. Chamomile tea -Early Egyptians believed that it was the most therapeutic of herbs. Greek doctors used it for fevers and other ailments. Early Germans inhaled the odor of this tea to alleviate stuffiness.

3. Lemon balm tea – It is taken both cold and hot. You can combine a little honey with the tea and serve it cold.

Other than this, there are many kinds of herbal teas that you can choose to drink.