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Top Self Tanning Products

Modern Skin Tanning, also known as Bronzing is now a fad among men and women alike. Fair skin is still beautiful but bronzed skin increases a person's appeal and attractiveness. Now it's not only during summer that people visit the beach. You can see them any time of the year at the beach.; if not for swimming or some water sports, they're just there lying under the sun to have their desired tan.

If the skin is exposed to the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays, it causes the skin color to darken. Sunbathing is an easy way to have your tan without spending much. The downside of sun tanning is that there are many risks involved. It could cause your skin to burn, wrinkle, age spots may occur, and worse, skin cancer.

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This is where Sunless Tanning took place; sunless or self-tanning as it is called by many. There are various ways to self-tan. You may have airbrush tanning, tanning booths, tanning lotions or bronzers, tanning beds, etc.

It's up to you to choose from this variety of methods. Of course, compared to sunbathing, you need to spend some bucks on these methods but you will certainly be satisfied with their results.

The result of tanning differs with different skin types. For better results, before the tanning procedure, a spot test is recommended so you could make sure that you will have your desired skin color. Make sure to carefully read the instructions for applying the tanning product before starting doing it yourself.

"Self-tanning" as it is called, your skill in applying the product on your skin is also one big factor for achieving perfect tanned skin. Just take into account to moisturize before the procedure, as well as 24 hours after the procedure.