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Tips To Find A Good Freight Shipping Company

Finding and selecting a freight company is a very critical decision for the business. A good company will bring growth to your business and another hand a bad shipping company because of a reason for the downfall. If your business good or product is not delivered in time or one piece, as a result of it you will likely be lost a client. If you are looking for the best Intermodal container services in Surrey, then you can take a look at Lotus Terminals.

Here are some tips which will help you to find a good company.

Make sure you choose the company which is licensed and bonded.

Check the experience of the freight shipping company.

Ask for their damage claim history.

Safety Records – Sample of an accident investigation performed in their organization.

 Emergency response plan.

Ask about fleet size and the number of employees. Do they own their trucks, how big is their fleet, and do they subcontract work (independents)? This may not matter to you but an actual employee of the company versus an independent contractor is the point we are raising.

Check the price charged by them and make sure it is within reach of your budget. 

Request routing or coverage areas. Smaller firms interline or join forces with other networks.