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Choose your Bathroom Surface Carefully

The most important issue to consider is undoubtedly the surface coating, the material that goes into the toilet floor, walls, countertops and storage space. You determine how your toilet works in terms of comfort, care, taste, appearance and smell. 

Materials that can withstand moisture or humidity, as well as hot and cold conditions, and are comfortable to use and care for, are ideal for sink surfaces. While ceramic wall tiles are tried and tested, we certainly don't have to limit ourselves here. 

A little imaginative and careful planning can make some interesting options work. You can get the best anti skid surfacing via

10 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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Perhaps the most popular choice; Ceramic tiles offer ease of work, maintenance and are available in a wide variety. Choose non-slip or textured floors, avoiding exposed porous surfaces that can complicate cleaning. While larger wall tiles create a broad look, smaller floor tiles are easier to install and grout for more texture. 

Glass tiles are stronger and easier to maintain and are suitable for large floors. The most interesting aspect of ceramic tiles is the large variety of designs and colors that can be played. They can be used to create accents or tones of color in predominantly drunken patterns or in conjunction with other materials such as stone. Porcelain tiles or handprints can also add to the imagination.

Stone offered as tiles and tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles, which look the same and are not easy to care for. Even so, it adds splendor to the design and has become a popular choice for bathroom walls and floors. Granite, marble, elevation, limestone and sandstone slabs and tiles are available in a variety of colors and textures such as cracking, demolition and sandblasting.