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HVAC Regular Maintenance in Manchester

Setting up your HVAC system is at least as important as getting your car ready. If your HVAC system goes too long without maintenance, it collects too much dust and dirt. In the same way, the condenser will be outside, which will be covered with dirt, dust, fallen twigs, and leaves; this, in turn, will reduce its effectiveness. Full building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance or repair is an inexpensive way to avoid expensive replacements.

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If this continues year after year, the HVAC system loses about 5 percent of its core operating efficiency. After five years of maintenance-free time, your expensive HVAC system is only running at about 75 percent of basic efficiency, making the system significantly more difficult to operate, which in turn adds to your electricity bill. 

The HVAC system is responsible for the vast majority of electricity or utility bills. So by keeping the system running at full speed, you lower your electricity bill. A regularly scheduled maintenance program will extend the life of your expensive HVAC system, save money on your utility/electricity bill, and keep the system running safely. 

The system becomes safer because during routine maintenance technicians also tighten and test electrical connections and measure motor current and voltage to ensure the system is working properly. Another safety precaution the technician will take is to check the combustion chamber to make sure there are no holes as this will reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Scheduling regular inspections to maintain your HVAC system is critical to the safety of your employees at work and your family in your home.