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What Should You Look For In A LED Flashlight.

The flashlight's light output measures how intensely the light is shining from it. This can be measured in lumens. 20 lumens are enough to read a book. 3500 lumens is the same brightness as the sun. Sometimes you may see light output for more than one setting on the packaging. So, the question is are you looking for enough light to read a book or do you need more? The flashlight you choose will depend on your preferred light output. Order Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight Online from Hokolite that will fulfill your desired needs.

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Beam distance is another thing you need to know about the flashlight. The beam distance refers to the distance that the light travels before it goes out. This measurement partly depends on the light coming off a full moon.The flashlight packaging should also include information about the run time. The flashlight's run time is the amount of time it lasts before the batteries die. 

The flashlight's impact resistance refers to how far you can drop it before it gets damaged. Impact resistance is measured by the flashlight being dropped six times on a hard surface. This distance is measured in meters.

If you plan to dive, water resistance is essential. The IPX rating is used to measure water resistance. These ratings are for divers:

IPX7 (can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter).

IPX8 (can be immersed for approximately 4 hours at a depth of 1 meter).

These are some other important features to consider when looking for the best LED flashlight.

  • Bulb type

  • Type of beam (flood or spot, adjustable)

  • Regulated output

  • Type of battery (rechargeable, disposable, and rechargeable; none should have lithium).

  • The number of settings

  • Materials and shapes

  • Size and weight

  • Accessories (lanyard, belt clip, lens filters, etc.)