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Signs Your Company Needs A Logo Design Upgrade

Every company needs a logo design upgrade at some point. If your company hasn't done so in the past, it's time to consider it. A new logo can help your business look modern and updated, while also reinforcing your brand identity. When choosing a logo design service, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

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First, make sure the design is appropriate for your company's image and mission. Second, make sure the design is easy to use and memorable. Third, make sure the design reflects your company's values and ethos. Finally, make sure the logo designs are responsive to changes in technology and trends.

If you are thinking about upgrading your company’s logo design, here are signs that your company needs a new logo:

  • Your current logo isn’t displaying well on all types of devices.
  • Your current logo is outdated and doesn’t reflect your current brand identity.
  • Your logo doesn’t properly represent your company’s mission or goals.
  • Your logo is difficult to remember or spell.
  • Your current logo is poorly designed and clashes with your other branding elements (such as website designs, collateral materials, and social media profiles).
  • You have multiple logos for different parts of your business (i.e., marketing, sales, product, etc.), and each one needs its own distinct logo design.
  • You have recently changed your company name or launched a new product line, and your old logo no longer accurately represents these changes.
  • You have updated your company logo to include color, or you have applied color to a logo that was previously black and white.