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Can You and Your Spouse Get Separated Without Going To Court?

Divorces can be tense, violent and emotional and can be great prime-time courtroom dramas on TV. You can select a mediation firm for the divorce process because it is much more comprehensive and healing and ultimately, more beneficial for you and your spouse. 

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In a collaborative or mediation practice, you and your spouse will agree to stay out of court completely by working together in real-time to find solutions that benefit the two of you. Divorce mediation lawyers who specialize in collaborative and mediation practice are trained to assist you in this difficult process with confidence. 

With a goal that will benefit all your family members by removing the win-lose model and replacing it with a process in which we arrive at a solution that works for you along with your spouse, as well as your children. 

A highly-trained and experienced expert in collaborative practice will tackle a wide range of topics such as financial concerns, child custody and parenting schedules, child support and medical insurance coverage property division, tax implications, spousal support and spousal support, just to name the most important.

If you go through a divorce in a healthy and constructive manner it is possible to imagine having fun with your children as they grow up and sharing their graduations or weddings, dancing along with them and sharing the pleasures of being a grandparent and the many other celebrations that are highlights of our lives.