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Mental And Physical Benefits Of Riding A Motorcycle In Israel

Some benefits are obvious, others not so much. These are the reasons you feel so good after you take the long way home.

Positive Outlook

A feeling of pure joy after a long journey that every motorcyclist can feel. The reason we feel so happy is very simple; each wrist twist releases adrenaline, which in turn releases endorphins. This "feel good hormone" improves our mood, increases pleasure and minimizes pain. 

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Core and Neck Strength

The day after their first long ride, many motorcyclists report the same pain – neck muscles always top the list. Wearing a helmet for a few hours a day will strengthen your own neck, bring the wind into the equation, and you have some real neck workouts.

This is especially true for those who drive without a windshield. Riding a motorcycle takes a lot of muscles to work together, but your core holds it all together.

No More Squats

When you ride a motorcycle, you must constantly ride the bike and hold your hips and knees. These movements strengthen your thighs and in turn strengthen your knees.

Burn some calories

Yes, it is absolutely true that you can burn numerous calories while riding a motorcycle.