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The Hidden Benefits of Getting a Spray Tan

Does it really matter what season is just around the corner? I'll bet either way you crave a healthy glowing tan. Most Caucasian individuals do! The pasty pale look has been out for quite some time now. Well, unless you're a redhead. Anyway, there is a certain downside to basking in the bright sun. Maybe you've heard of it; CANCER.

Yeah, that's what I figured. By now we've all heard the horror stories regarding the sun and our delicate epidermis. Now, there is a bright side to this tanning dilemma. It's commonly known as spray tanning salons. These nifty little establishments are popping up all over the place these days and people are loving them. 

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First, there was the routine of sprawling out on a sandy shore. While it's not difficult to get a tan this way, the damage left behind can prove fatal. Skin cancer is becoming more and more common in our ozone-lacking world. With the ozone layer thinning out, there's simply less protection for our skin.

And this is why sunless tanner emerged. I call it the second phase of tanning. Tons of these products are still available in every drugstore and supermarket across the nation. Folks still turn to them as a safe alternative to sun-bathing. However, these sunless tanning lotions and creams are commonly known for a particular drawback.

Turning your skin orange! Now I may not be a tanning expert, but I'm pretty certain we all want tan skin and not orange epidermis. Well, finally we've reached the age of spray tanning salons. This is a solution that screams ideal. You basically head into a local spray tanning salon and get misted by a sunless tanning solution that leaves your skin a golden brown. It really is that simple. Call it an instant tan!