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Self Publishing Your Novel – A Practical Review

Okay, so you've written something great and you want the world to see it. You submitted it to several publishers and agencies, you even entered it in several competitions, but unfortunately, no one submitted your book. So what are your options? Self-publishing is often seen as an unfavorable sibling to big publishers, but here are some important things to consider.

Advantages of self-publishing.

If no one gets a chance to see your book, how can you be successful? Self-publishing doesn't mean paying someone huge sums just to be left in the garage with a thousand copies of your book. Self-publishing can still give you access to online stores which allows you to be seen by thousands of readers. You can publish your own book online on and various other platforms.

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The Royalties for self-publishing are typically way higher than going through a publisher. As an unknown author, a publisher would expect you to spend a lot of time and even money self-promoting yourself and your book before they put any investment into the process. In that case, why not do it yourself and keep higher royalties?

In the digital world of book reading, you can easily make your book available to customers with all types of electronic readers, for little or no cost. But how do you do this? There are a number of companies around that help you to self-publish.