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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Green Roof?

10 advantages of green roofs:

  1. Decrease pollution and improve air quality in cities. The vegetation absorbs toxic substances and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.
  2. Helps to combat the effect of heat in large cities.
  3. Improves the thermal insulation of the building. It protects against high temperatures in summer and helps to maintain the internal temperature in winter.
  4. Improves the building's sound insulation. The vegetation absorbs and isolates noise.
  5. Greater retention of rainwater. The vegetation assists in the drainage of rainwater, thus reducing the need for water drainage and sewage systems and also filters the pollution of these waters.
  6. Reduces the possibility of flooding. As it retains rainwater better, the excess does not go to the streets.
  7. Helps to decrease the temperature of the external micro and macro environments.
  8. Reduces energy consumption, and improves energy efficiency due to the reduction of temperature in the internal environment, reducing the need for refrigeration.
  9. Increase in biodiversity, attracting birds, butterflies, and others.
  10. Beautify the building and the city.

Some disadvantages of a green roof:

  1. It needs some maintenance to keep its structure healthy and looking good.
  2. The initial financial investment can be high.
  3. Restrictions on the structure can make the system unfeasible.
  4. Requires specialized labor for installation to avoid leakage and infiltration problems

Even with minor disadvantages, the cost and benefit ratio pays off. It is worth investing in the system! You can consult the best roofing company to have a green roof installed on your property.