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What To Look For When Shopping For Cheap Sewing Machines

Cheap sewing machines are an excellent way to start sewing and will save you lots of money over the years. They differ considerably from some of the more costly models and may not be as capable as some of the more advance ones but you will be very pleasantly surprised. Even the best known brands manufacture some really good quality sewing machines for less than 100 dollars but when you stretch that to 150 you will get way more for your cash. The key is there are any model to avoid. Here is how to go about finding them:

Look out for hidden cons – just because it's cheap doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. The main two things you should look out for with cheap sewing machines are that it has a poor built-in stitches and that it only has one needle feed. If the stitches aren't that clear or there is a problem with the thread sticking when sewing then there may be other issues with the machine. If the feed isn't a slide fit then it could be that it is not strong enough to hold all the threads together for a strong close. So the first thing to look out for with these models is if it has poor built-in stitches.

Look out for cons associated with attachments – you may think cheap sewing machines have no cons but there are. Firstly, if there is only one needle feed then you are going to need a foot pedal for threading. This can be a problem with some machines but check carefully because some attach by using a pin which can be a weak point and can break the thread or press into the foot pedal. Look also at whether the attachment is very strong, especially if you use heavy fabrics. If you are buying a machine for heavy duty sewing then check for a model that offers a lifetime warranty on the motor base.

Check for the computerized quilting sewing machine as featured on that offers integrated sensors and needles. Some cheap sewing machines only hook up through the computer and you don't really get any control over where the needle goes. With this type of machine you may notice that your fabric doesn't go where you want it to go through the machine. This is often because the needle is programmed not to go to where you want it but to go where you already have the fabric. This means that sometimes you'll find that you're not able to sew through the thickest of fabrics or that the thickest fabrics make the machine clank painfully.

Check that the display is large and displays the whole range of colors and is bright. It's easy to confuse the actual color of the fabric with the light on the display, but they should still be bright and easy to read. Another great feature to look for in cheap sewing machines is an LED display. The LED display allows you to see the different functions of the machine without having to constantly flip from one function to another.

Check for easy to follow instructions in your cheap sewing machine's instruction manual. Often, when you start your sewing machine the directions aren't very clear and even if they are you might get started with something that you don't quite understand. You might find yourself getting frustrated and you might even quit before you complete your project. If you have an easy to understand instruction manual then this is likely what you need to get started.

Sewing Machines Can Help Save Money

I am looking for a site that offers reliable sewing machine reviews. I am a single mom who has begun to look for new ways to save money, and I have decided to take up sewing as a way to offset the cost of purchasing clothing for me and three my children. In addition to couponing, looking for ways to cut down on utility bills, and eating out less frequently, I have determined that making clothing items would be another great way for me to save money. The cost of clothing is outrageous!

Obviously, I have a limited budget to purchase a machine, but I think that I can recoup my costs easily once I get to Back to School season, where I would typically spend hundreds of dollars on each child! I am pretty savvy with electronics, so I think that I could easily learn to use the machine once I purchase it. Now, I just need to find a site that offers reliable sewing machine reviews so that I can decide which machine is right for me. Wish me luck!

I know of a few sites that look appealing but I guess I will have to do some more digging till I get there.