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The Journey Of Test Automation

Everyone seems to agree that software testing is an essential part of any business. The timing and depth of the project are areas where people disagree. Since the beginning of testing, it was considered an after-development maintenance activity.

Gradually, we began to interleave the testing and development processes. There are some companies that provide the best android test computing services online.

Since the beginning, continuous integration has been a standard in the industry. Before a developer can push any code, he must first pass the Unit Tests. 

Only then can he commit the code if everything is in order. Per-commit jobs are becoming more popular. Many people are now delegating code validation responsibility to the build server. 

Functional testing was largely done manually. Lack of tools that can automate applications and detect and report failures was a major reason. 

The automation industry has seen an explosion in the past decade. Emerging tools challenged the authority of pioneering products. Many of these tools were open-source, which made them accessible to small businesses.

Automated scripts are codes that were used in the past. These codes test and validate code. They must be written, reviewed, and maintained. They have one advantage: they can execute as well as any other code. 

Welcome to the age of Keyword Driven Automated Functional Testing. There are many benefits to encapsulating the programming process into test scripts. We no longer require hard programmers to test tasks. Anyone can complete the task. Test scripts are easier to maintain and more language-independent.