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The Role of a Child Custody Investigator

Parents try their best to win the custody cases and because of this custody cases have become more complex. Many strategies can be used, some more secretive than others. 

A child custody investigator can be hired to gather evidence against the other parent, without their knowledge. An investigator working on child custody investigations can alter the perception of the court at many levels because custody hearings consider many factors before making a decision.

Contrary to popular belief child custody investigators can be hired by anyone. Investigators are also employed by the court system to gain a better understanding of the daily routines, and behavior of both parents. 

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The court will often assign an independent party to oversee the activities of both parents, as the judge cannot see them outside the courtroom. It is crucial that anyone who faces a custody hearing be aware of the role of an investigator and how it can affect the outcome.

An investigator's goal is to determine the tendencies of each parent as they interact with their child. The investigators look at how each parent interacts with their child, and what activities they engage in together. 

The parent should offer enriching activities to encourage the child's social and educational growth. These activities are also monitored to see if the child is enjoying them. 

The custody investigator also looks for signs of mental or physical abuse. They are making sure that the child thrives in a safe and healthy environment.