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The Secret to Improving Your Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes for women … specially designed for your riding needs? You will be very angry if you don't get it. Okay, you made a driving mistake. You ride and beat people … but the bike is bad enough to keep you from doing it again.

However, riding a woman’s mountain bike significantly improves the situation of your shoulders, neck, and buttocks. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about sore feet, as they hurt territoriality.

The Secret to Improving Your Mountain Biking

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The problem is, you ride a boy's bicycle and a boy's body works differently. Just getting the smallest image size doesn't solve the problem. Let's get to the basics. There are a few main anatomical reasons;

This affects the length of the top tube which must be shorter and thus affects your reach. (Unfortunately, the trend in recent years has been to lengthen the top tube, which has made the situation even more uncomfortable for women.

The movement of their hips is different from that of boys. You girls tend to bend and twist differently, and this affects the basic geometry of mountain bikes for women.

The anatomy requirements of your buttocks are also important. Your thighs tend to be wider and the cushion is more specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Unless you're an Olympic swimmer, you most likely have narrower shoulders than boys. The bars are smaller, as are the handles for smaller hands.