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Tips for Decorating Walls

Regardless of how you choose to add a picture to your bare wall, be sure to take proper measurements before starting. You don't want your picture to look fuzzy or distorted when it's finished. 

1. Start by choosing a focal point for your wall. This can be something that is special to you or that you think will look good in the room. Once you have your focal point, start thinking about what other pieces of furniture or decor you might want to incorporate into the room around it.

2. If you have a smaller space, consider using frames or mats to hang art or photos on the wall. This will help to fill up the space and make it look more complete. You can also buy picture hangers from The Art and Mirror Hanging Company.

3. If you have a larger space, consider using accessories like plants, throws, or rugs to tie everything together. This will give the room a sense of cohesion and style while also helping to reduce clutter.

4. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different ways of decorating your wall. There are endless possibilities, so take some time to explore them all!

Selecting the right frame can be a bit of a challenge, so take your time and try several different ones out.

Ryan Franklin

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