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Various Features of the Golf Simulator

This piece of information is sure to delight avid golfers. Playing golf from your own home is possible.

Features of the Golf Simulator

High-Speed Sensor System – The high-speed optical sensors accurately track the ball flight and clubhead. This professional system measures club speed, clubface, sweet spot, ball speed, and club path at the speed light.

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You can expect the best accuracy. The synthetic fiber grass simulates real grass and gives players the feel of it. The ultimate golf simulator uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced mathematical algorithms to calculate.

Software – You can choose from 65 different golf courses using the software. These three-dimensional courses offer a realistic experience. You can set your tee times, configure weather conditions and fill your bag with your favorite golf clubs. These are just a few of the outstanding features of this software golf simulator.

* 3D Graphic Engine with Amazing Graphics Effects

* Real-time passing of the time, no load time

* Realistic physics engine

* Widescreen support

* High Definition Screen Resolutions

* Multi-language options

* Multiplayer option with offline and online play

* After every shot, a full swing analysis is provided

* Green grid and aiming posts

* You can also play against a computer

* Select the longest drive or nearest pin